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28 Feb 2024

  • Kitchen Reward claim requirements are added. With the end of the tournament 9, these changes will be active.
  • Hard-working status introduced for working snails. If a snail is working for the last 30 days it becomes a hard-worker.
  • Each guild's page now displays worker and hard-worker counts.
  • Unstake popup displays each snail's current Work-Streak.
  • Snail profile also displays the Work-Streak of a snail.

12 Dec 2023

  • Optimization and performance improvements are done. Overall site performance should feel significantly better.

19 Oct 2023

  • Roadmap Item Guild Chats are introduced.

14 Sept 2023

  • Overall maintenance and endpoint improvements are made.

08 Sept 2023

  • Removed new born alerts from Twitter Bot Snaildex.

01 Aug 2023

  • Fixed an issue about incorrectly prioritized Twitch Queues.
  • "1 snail per wallet" limit is removed from Mega Race entries. When Mega Race mode was first introduced there was a huge demand for the mode. 1 Snail per Wallet limit was allowing everyone to join the race without worrying about timing issues. This limit is no longer needed.

02 Jul 2023

  • Fixed an issue where Kitchen reward claims incorrectly displaying next claim times.
  • Fixed a visual bug with usage of XP Boosts.
  • subtext field added to Mystery Gifts to explain the reasoning why they are granted to target player. (i.e. bug/compensation/reward/bounty etc.)

19 Jun 2023

  • An issue caused by previous fix is resolved. Related announcement and details can be found below.

On June 15th, we released some updates to fix a minor scroll issue. However, while fixing that issue it seems we introduced another bug which caused some scrolls (Breeding & Burning) to be used multiple times instead of the intended one time usage rule. Some players noticed this bug and exploited it (heavily on June 18th). However, some players also noticed the bug and notified us.

Today (June 19th), we have taken action and all is back to normal. Both the cause and all the secondary effects of the exploitation of this bug are fixed.

No one should be affected and the game is back to its regular functionality. The balance of snails and items is restored.

For those interested, here are the full details:

  • Due to this bug some users bred & burned a lot of snails, in total 19 different players used scrolls during this period. 11 of them were in their normal routine, their scroll spends are now correctly registered and they will continue playing the game without any issue.
  • We then detected that the remaining 8 players were malicious. These players tried to exploit this bug.
  • They bred a total of 240 Snails. 150 of them already dead, 58 of them staked into the work contract and the remaining 32 were on user accounts. These 240 snails are now permanently banned from the game. They cannot race, breed, burn, or work anymore. These snails are named as Banned snails and will not appear on our internal Marketplace. If you are buying snails from other marketplaces, it is advised to check the latest metadata through our marketplace or the ban list in the Whitepaper.
  • Work progress for 58 snails that are on the working contract are stopped and will no longer collect any tomato.
  • These 8 players also burned a total of 175 snails. From these snails they got; 124 Common, 43 Epic and 8 Legendary Ashes.
  • From the ashes they got; 291 items in total with the distribution of 175 Slime Boosts, 29 XP Boosts, 29 Adaptation Change Scrolls, 19 Breeding Scrolls, 10 Microwave Scrolls. All of these items are now removed from the game.
  • 2 players used these 175 Slime Boosts on their 13 snails. All of the slime boost gains are removed from these snails and returned to their original value. Token IDs for inspection: [29, 86, 109, 273, 324, 334, 438, 607, 707, 795, 897, 977, 1690]
  • Microwave and breeding coefficients are returned to their original values.
  • Lifetime ban introduced for snails.
  • Metadata now also shows if a snails is banned.

15 Jun 2023

  • Fixed an issue where microwave scrolls incorrectly marked as spent.

05 Jun 2023

  • Fixed an issue where on some rare occasions unst

29 May 2023

  • Fixed an issue where some endpoints not working properly for token id 0.

25 May 2023

  • Guild activity messages now properly shows every level upgrade for Fridge, if multiple levels are bought in a single transaction.

23 May 2023

  • Tournament reward distribution rules are updated.
    • Top 10 Guild will receive Lettuce rewards.
    • A guild has to attend at least 10 tournament races to become eligible for the rewards.
    • Lettuce rewards are changed with respect to this reduction.
    • The team is actively watching the state of the game and tournaments. If needed, these rules might change with future patches.

22 May 2023

  • Team selection now orders snails by most matching adaptations.
  • Guild Discover page now have custom ordering.
    • Lowest Level
    • Highest Level
    • Oldest
    • Newest
    • Most Members
    • Most Snails
  • Team selection now prevents selection of the snails that has negative amount of tickets.
  • Avatars are now automatically revoked if user no longer holds the NFT for that avatar.

15 May 2023

  • First year anniversay event is started (Lasts until 11 Jun 2023).
  • New items are published.
    • Tomato Basket
    • Lettuce Basket
    • XP Capsule
    • First Year Gift
    • Mystery Box

11 May 2023

  • In-game Atlantis and Agate animations are updated.
  • A memory-leak issue on in-game view that causes twitch streams to stall is fixed.
  • In-game bubble sizes are fixed.
  • Lettuce amounts are now shown correctly at tournament leaderboard when guild points are equal.
  • SnailDex Twitter account was suspended due to Twitter API changes. It is now available. However due to new Twitter API rules, it might tweet less often.
  • Race days now display races in their starting order.
  • Starting from next week's tournament races, races that are scheduled for the same race day will not start asynchronously, instead races will run in an order. This way players will be able to watch every tournament race live.
  • Tournament races now shows the fastest runner's data for a family from previous races, like olympics.
  • The tournament queue for Twitch queues is now fixed. Scheduled tournament races will no longer block daily missions to be watched.

7 May 2023

  • Potential lettuce rewards are now visible at the Tournament Leaderboard.
  • Leaderboard styling is improved.
  • Some improvements are made to tournament page.
  • Fixed an issue that wrongly calculates the estimated slime boost level of a non-11 purity genesis snails.

29 Apr 2023

  • Text search is added to snail selection page for tournament teams.

26 Apr 2023

  • Roadmap Item Tournament feature is released. This feature includes following parts:
    • Team Management
    • Leaderboard
    • Tournament Scheduler
    • Reward System
      • Lettuce Emissions
      • Guilds can now compete for 1000$ Monthly Bonus Reward
  • Snail Trail PFPs are introduced.
    • A background colored headshot view of Snail NFTs are now available.
    • Players can use these images as their Profile Pictures.
  • In-game result screen now counting in the slime boost.
  • In-game snail speed adjustments are made.
  • In-game small environment improvements are made.
  • New currency types added.

02 Nov 2022

  • An Avalanche collection(Chad Doge) is added to avatar pool.

6 Apr 2023

  • An Avalanche collection ZeBruh is added to avatar pool.

23 Mar 2023

  • Open button added to Ashes' inventory view.
  • Guild flags now will be in a box on the subjects section.
  • Guild level added to guild card.
  • Snail search filters adjusted.
  • Work boost value is now visible on Snail Detail pages.
  • Several visual components are updated.

18 Mar 2023

  • An Avalanche collection OOPA is added to avatar pool.

23 Feb 2023 | Guilds

  • Roadmap Item Guilds are released. This patch includes following features;
    • Guild System
    • Governance Management
    • Proposal System
    • Activity Boards
    • Roster Management
    • Treasury Management
    • New Off-chain Resources (Tomato & Lettuce)
    • Snail Staking
    • Kitchen Hall & Upgrades
    • Kitchen Hall Reward Mechanisms
  • An oracle implemented to offer fair pricing for in-game purchases. It tracks the ratio for SLIME on DEX's and asks for SLIME amounts relative to Avax amounts.
  • Following Avalanche NFT collections are added to avatar pool:

17 Jan 2023

  • Purity 20 snail's breeding count limit reduced from 3 to 1 to keep game's purity populations balance in order.

01 Dec 2022 | Isometric View

  • Roadmap Item Isometric view is released.
    • Watch Iso button is now available on all races including all the finished races.
    • Twitch stream now displays Isometric view instead of 2D bird-eye view.
  • New landing page is published.
    Version 1 -> Version 2
  • Snail frames now fits the screen better on mobile.
  • Dropdown filters for numeric snail racing traits are replaced. From now on, these traits can be filtered using range sliders.
  • Snail Trail, Vol.2 (Original Sountrack Album) is now available to listen.

17 Nov 2022 | Wallet Integrations

  • Core Wallet support is added.
  • Wallet Connect support is added.
  • New Menu design is released.
  • Landing page animations are updated.
  • Race mode icon moved to Conditions section.
  • History tab on Snail Detail page now shows earned rewards from each race.
  • Results tab on Racing page now displays finishing place of owner's snail.
  • Following Avalanche NFT collections are added to avatar pool:
    • Chikn
    • Rich Peon Poor Peon
    • Funnelheads
    • Beenz on Acid
    • Turds
    • Shidizens
    • APA Gals
  • Breed limit(3) is added to Purity 20 snails. Since the number of higher purity snails increasing, it is getting closer for a player to mint a P20 snail. So far, this is not achieved, thus making this change easier. While we all enjoy minting higher purity snails, it is overall's best interest to add some kind of limitation to breeding of P20 snails. If it is unlimited like every other snail, there might be an over-population of P20 snails. Thus, we are limiting to 3. From now on a P20 snail can have at most 3 children.

07 Nov 2022

  • Flexible sized racing introduced to Competitive Races.
    • This feature is battle-tested with Mega Races and now introduced to Competitive Races as well.
    • A four hour scheduling timer starts once a Competitive Race is attended by at least 5 participants.
    • Competitive Races start when either 10 spots fills up or scheduling timer ends.
  • With introduction of Flex sized Races, joining a competitive/mission race now requires less gas fee(around 10%).
  • Several small visual updates are made.

02 Nov 2022

  • An Avalanche collection(Chad Doge) is added to avatar pool.

28 Oct 2022

  • An Avalanche collection(Monkeez) is added to avatar pool.

25 Oct 2022

  • Range filters (Elo, Level and Slime Boost) are added to racing filters.
  • Dead snail frames now appear correctly on Lineage page.
  • Several small UI improvements are made.

14 Oct 2022

  • Some adaptation icon that were experiencing issues on different web browsers are fixed.
  • Dead snail frames now appear more pale on Snail listing pages.

12 Oct 2022

  • Cause of Death, Birthday, Passed Away, Level fields added to token metadata to utilize Opensea listing.

06 Oct 2022

  • Profile pages now support both uppercase and lowercase url visits.
  • Competitive race entry fees are re-visited. Entry fees are changed from 100, 200, 500 to 200, 500, 1000.
    • Insights: Minimum race entry fee for competitive races is planned to kept around approximately ~0.5 USD valuation, so that winning snails always get good returns. In the future, there can be even bigger entry fees. For comparison: a similar concept game Zed Run's entry fees change in between 2-500 USD.
  • A minor bug is fixed that allows Genesis Dust (P11) items to be used on P11 snails. This is the outside of the item's intended design; Genesis Dust P11 items can only be used for creating Genesis Dust P12 items. Only 2 snails affected by this issue. Their class will remain as is, however from onward item's restrictions will apply as intended.

05 Oct 2022 | The Laboratory

  • Roadmap Item Laboratory is added. Microwave & Pressure Pot are introduced.
  • Profiles page is introduced.
    • Usernames
    • Account Stats
      • Minted/Bred/Burned counts
      • Total snails sold/bought counts
      • Total snails sold/bought amounts
    • Twitter Link
    • NFT Avatars
    • Avvy Domains Support(.avax)
      • If user have an Avvy Domain name with reverse record set to its wallet address, it is shown automatically.
    • Joepegs Username Support
      • If user have a username set on Joepegs it is shown automatically.
  • Inventory system is introduced.
  • Ashes & Items are added.
    • Common/Epic/Legendary Ashes
    • Slime Boost
    • Genesis Dust
    • XP Boost
    • Name Change Scroll
    • Adaptation Change Scroll
    • Incubation Scroll
    • Microwave Scroll
  • Dead snail page is implemented.
    • Dead snails will not be shown on marketplace, however it will still be reachable via Snail Detail page.
    • Time of death, Burner, Death Cause, F.
  • Snail frames are re-iterated.
    • Adaptation icons are replaced with Slime Boost value.
    • Level, purity and ticket counts moved to on-hover action.
  • Slime Boost sort is added to Marketplace.
  • Slime Boost and Status(Alive/Dead) are added to NFT metadata.
  • Laboratory contract is deployed.
  • Graveyard contract is deployed.
  • Isometric view pushed back. It is in the final phases, there are few things left to sort out. Since it is a visual improvement, team decided to wait until all parts are completed and perfect. It is well worth the wait!
  • Dune dashboard is published.
  • Incubation page is moved to Laboratory.
  • Mint page is removed.
  • My Snails page is removed.
  • Small improvements are made on Race Contract.
  • New website animations are added.
  • Landing page snails are revisited.
  • Shop contract is upgraded.

29 Sept 2022

  • Upon a report from the community(many thanks to them), we have discovered a bug that allows snails to enter multiple daily missions simultaneosly. This bug could only be exploited with computer programs that can send multiple requests to server simulatenously, at the same milisecond range, thus bypassing the entry controls. After the investigation we discovered that only 1 person abused this bug and resulted in around 50-60K Slime earnings. The bug is immediately fixed, and monitoring tools are improved to detect any such scenarios where a user tries to exploit the game intentionally. User's snails are banned from entering the daily missions and using marketplace until 31 Dec 2022. To compensate the possible economic impacts of the issue, it has been decided to market buy SLIME that is double the amount of the SLIME extracted from daily missions. Here is the log of 130K SLIME market bought..

31 Aug 2022

  • Snail cards on the marketplace & my snails page now shows Purity, Level and Ticket information.
  • Racing filters on marketplace & my snails page now have a Ticket filter.
  • Snail detail page now have a Lineage tab that shows snail's parents, children and birthday.
  • Three new ordering priority added to marketplaces. (Highest Level, Lowest Ticket, Highest Ticket)
  • Fixed several primary button issues.

25 Aug 2022

  • Twitter bot SnailDex now supports images, new breeds and mega race results additional to marketplace sales.

24 Aug 2022

  • Snail's racing direction changed to inwards from outwards on Mega Racing View.

23 Aug 2022

  • Buy Snail action now displays a warning if the snail has negative number of tickets.
  • Daily mission signature control cooldown reduced from 150 seconds to 90 seconds.
  • Additionally, after a failed/cancelled transaction for a race, if that race is filled by another player, 90 second cooldown resets for the snail that failed/cancelled its transaction.

22 Aug 2022 | Mega Races & Shop

  • Bonus Game Mod New game mode Mega Race is added. This feature is a bonus feature that is not available on the current roadmap. It opens up an opportunity for players to win AVAX with their snails.
  • Roadmap Item Shop added. In-game shop currently features Mission Tickets and Name Change. It will have more items with upcoming patches.
    New Features
  • Game landing page is updated. It now displays 3 different race modes.
  • WAVAX balances added to balance sheet.
  • Name Change is accesible from edit button on snail detail page.
  • Next to Run tab now displays pending races aswell.
  • History tab on snail's detail page now have a dropdown to filter race modes.
  • Placment stats moved from About tab to History tab on snail's detail page.
  • Ticket limit is re-activated. Snails cannot enter daily missions if they have ticket numbers lower than -50.
  • Rewards that snails earn from races is now shown on each race's detail page.
  • Racing Viev(Unity) now starts with user's snail highlighted.
  • Racing View now works better on more mobile devices.
  • Racing View now shows correct token names.
  • Twitch channel is added to landing page.
  • Competitive entry fees changed from 50, 100, 200 to 100, 200, 500 Slime respectively.

30 Jun 2022

  • Roadmap Item Twitch integration is now live. Snail Trail is officially representing Avalanche on Twitch. Follow Snail Trail Twitch Channel and enjoy the races.

  • New Top three selected names from Twitter naming contest are added to game.
  • Fix Breed status icon on marketplace now correctly shows the breed status for gender selected newborn snails.
  • Fix A specific condition that allows snails to join two races in a row on daily missions is now fixed. The condition was the following; when a snail joins as a last athlete(via paying tx fee on network) to join a daily mission they would be able to join another race while waiting the transaction to finalize on the chain and processed by the Snail Trail servers. This window was around 10 seconds. Since this requires a transaction(paying fee) it was not logical/profitable for anyone to abuse, hence we also did not detect any abuse. With the fix, if a snail tries to enter a race as last, they will not be able join another one for 150 seconds. If the transaction succeeds/finalizes on chain, the daily mission cooldown(4 Hours) will trigger as usual. If transaction fails or user decides to not join by rejecting the transaction, they will have to wait 150 seconds before trying to enter a daily mission.

24 Jun 2022

  • New Race conditions now available on modal header as well.

09 Jun 2022

  • Race History section added to Snail Detail page. Players now will be able to see all races they have participated so far.
  • Mobile support for Race History implemented.
  • Daily Mission & Competitive race entry pop-ups now shows snails that are countering the race conditions first.
  • Snail details page is now also accesible through race details by clicking onto snails.
  • Several improvements made on marketplace filters.
  • Various UI fixes done.
  • Competitive Race entry fees are changed from 50, 75, 100 to 50, 100, 200. Races with 1000 entry fees are now disabled. Current races will stay on the race board until completion.

18 May 2022

  • Mission cooldowns reduced from 6 hours to 4 hours to meet first months emissions. After each emission target month, remaining rewards will be added to next month's emissions. Cooldown hours and daily race counts might change with respect to Token Emissions

16 May 2022

14 May 2022

  • Silver League removed and now only 2 Leagues available.
  • Race Date's now shown properly with respect to player's timezone.
  • Mission cooldowns are now visible on mobile.
  • Registered bar is now visible on mobile.

13 May 2022

  • Rewards Claim is added to mobile.
  • Race partitipants list now shows player's snail in a highlighted frame.
    Reminder: You can always click your snail's name on Live Race View to highlight your snail on the race tracks.
  • Initial Ticket count increased from 5 to 9. Snails who started with 5 tickets granted with extra 4 tickets.
  • Bronze and Diamond leagues disabled for Beta Season to give players more room to compete against eachother. It might be introduced later when there are more snails competing.
  • Fixed an issue where statistics were shown improperly.
  • Race Conditions were used to be randomly selected from the available Adaptations which could have caused some unlucky streaks (same condition on 4-5 races). Now algorithm is more smart. If an adaptation is not available on the races with same prize pool it is targeted first. Same improvement is added for race distances as well.
  • From now on, joining a competitive race rewards 1 mission ticket (used to be 0).