# Mission Tickets

# Ticket System

Daily missions are the the game mode where snails can enter without an entry fee and earn SLIME tokens.

Normally each submission to the chain requires a transaction. For example, since users pay an entry fee for competitive races, competitive races require 10 transactions to fill a race. However, since race entry for daily missions are free, Snail Trail optimizes transactions for everyone's mutual benefit.

# How?

On daily missions, the first 9 participants sign a message to join the race. The last participant compiles all the information for the race and submits it to the chain. In return they will get;

  • More experience from the race
  • And since they are the last participant they can see all the participants and adapt their strategy accordingly.

As a result, there will be 10 times less transactions required in total for daily missions.

For example; with a population of 7500 snails, each racing 4 times in daily missions everyday, it would mean 30000 transactions required for a single day. Instead, with this optimization it will now require only 3000 transactions per day.

# But...

So far so good, right? Although this saves hundreds of dollars in transaction fees, it introduces another problem. Bots 🤖. People might use bots to fill up the free spots and clog the race board, leaving real users to pay for fees constantly. To solve this, a CAPTCHA can be added for every race entry action, but does anyone actually like solving CAPTCHAs? And even if there are no bots, some people will be faster and leave others to pay fees for the races.

Instead we are introducing a fair distrubiton in payment of transaction fees made by players with "Mission Tickets"

# Mission Tickets

  • Each snail starts the game with 9 mission tickets.
  • Each mission ticket lets a snail enter a daily mission freely. However, these entries cannot be the last entry.
  • After 9 entries, snail must pay the transaction fee for the next daily mission.
  • If a snail enters a race as last participant, they get another 9 mission tickets as well.
  • Users can check a snail's tickets on the snail's detail page at any time.
  • Also, if a user does not want to wait for new races to appear on the race board, they can still pay as the last participant and increase their tickets even more.
  • Joining a competitive race also rewards user with 1 additional ticket.
  • A snail's ticket count can be -50 at minimum.

This solution ensures that everyone is paying the equal amount in transaction fees for the game to operate smoothly.