# Fees

Snail Trail contains following fee mechanisms.

# Breeding Fees

Fees that are collected through breeding will remain locked on the contracts, removed from the circulation.


# Competitive Racing Fees

There is 2% fee on Competitive Races. This fee is one of the sinks in the game to reduce the circulating supply. These tokens will remain untouched mostly. If there is an urgent need these fees can be used for the growth of the project and sustain the operational costs with prior announcements.

For comparison, a horse racing game, Zed-Run has a 17% fee on its races.

# Marketplace Fees

There is 1% fee on Snail Marketplace. This will be main source of Avax income for the project and will be used for the growth. This ratio can be increased if seems necessary.

For comparison, one of the crpyo-gaming giants, Axie Infinity has 5.25% on its marketplace.

# Microwave Fees

Fees that are collected through the microwave will remain untouched on the contract. In the future, if needed, these token will be paired with earned Avax fees(from Shop & Mega Races) and will be added into Slime Liquidity Pools. Any such event will be announced priorly.