# Reward Distribution

In Snail Trail, every asset that is tradable is on-chain. Which means race rewards are also on-chain and need to be distributed on-chain.

When snails fill a race, the race is submitted to the chain. However, the results are not yet public or on-chain. It requires another transaction to send the results to the chain. Once the results are submitted to the chain, rewards can be distributed to players.

However, this requires a lot of new transactions to be made. For example; 7500 snails with 4 daily missions a day would generate 3000 races per day. That means it requires an additional 3000 transactions for race results to be submitted.

To solve this, Snail Trail uses existing transactions that are done during race entries. When a snail submits a transaction to enter a race, they also submit one of the finished race results to the chain.

As a result, everyone makes less transactions and reduces a lot of fees.

# I have completed a race, but my rewards are not available yet. Where are my rewards?

Because of the above optimization, submission of race results to the chain could take from 5 minutes to 12 hours. Once the race result is submitted, rewards will be claimable.