# Fee

To complete a microwave process, the player has to pay the required fees that are calculated for the selected Snails.

  • Microwave fee is dynamic similar to Incubation Fees.
  • Microwave fee does not change based on snail's traits.
  • Only thing that determines the fee is the demand.

# Microwave Fee

MC: Microwave Coefficient
TAP: Total Alive Population
MAP: Minimum Allowed Population
MF: Microwave Fee
GR: Growth Rate
T: Daily Burn Threshold (1/4 of the Incubation Threshold)

Microwave_{fee} = MC * [\dfrac{TAP}{max(TAP-MAP, 1)}]

  • In short, after every microwaved snail the Microwave Fee increases. This increase is exponential as population get closer to minimum allowed population.
\displaystyle MC_{next}= \begin{cases} {MC_{current} * (1 + \dfrac{GR}{T})},& \text{} BurnEvent\\ MC_{current} * 0.96, & \text{if} \text{ BurnCount}_{daily} \lt T  \end{cases}

  • Microwave Coefficient(MC) is quite similar to Protocol Coefficient(PC) from Incubation.
  • On every burn, MC increases.
  • If daily microwaved snail count does not pass the threshold(T) for any given day, MC decreases 4% on next day.
  • If threshold(T) is passed, then there is no decay on the value.
# Initial Values
  • Microwave Coefficient(MC) is initialized with 150.
  • Minimum Allowed Population(MAP) is initialized with 10000.