# Fees

To complete an incubation process, the player has to pay the required fees that are calculated for the selected Snails.

Owned By Player Fees
Only Female Incubation Fee + Male Genome Price
Female and Male Incubation Fee

# Incubation Fee

The incubation fee is dynamic and will be shown to players during the incubation. There are several factors that can affect the incubation fee:

  • The genes of the Snails (male & female)
  • The breed counts (male & female)
  • The protocol coefficient (PC)
IncubationFee =[\sum_{F=1,M=1}^{20} ({Gene}_{F}+{Gene}_{M})] * (1 + \dfrac{BreedCount_{f+m}}{10} ) * PC

Each gene has a different coefficient. Superior genes are more expensive.

Atlantis (X) Agate (A) Milk (M) Helix (H) Garden (G)
6 5 4 3 2
  • Breeding counts calculated cumulatively for each snail.
  • A snail's total breeding count for formula is equal to sum of (snail's breeding count as a female) + ( snail's breeding count as a male divided by 3).

The Protocol Coefficient (PC) is a dynamic global value that changes with respect to;

  • Snail Population
  • Daily Growth Rate

The Snail population determines the daily threshold value;

T = \dfrac{population*0.2}{30}

which represents the mean daily growth amount for the Snail population.

Let's understand the math with an example; If the population is 7500, then mean targeted growth amount for a month is 1500 Snails, which translates to 50 Snails per day. 50 is the threshold value for the given example. Growth rate is also dynamic and may vary.

The Protocol Coefficient is calculated with the following formula;

\displaystyle PC_{next}= \begin{cases} {PC_{current} * (1 + \dfrac{0.1}{T})},& \text{} BreedingEvent\\ PC_{current} * 0.9, & \text{if BreedCount}_{daily} \lt T  \end{cases}

  • If a breeding event happens, the Protocol Coefficient for the next breeding event increases slightly which also means T cumulative breeding event is nearly equal to 10% increase in total.
  • If, in a single day, the amount of breeding events stay under the threshold value T, then PC decreases by 10%.
  • Protocol Coefficient initilazied with value 10.
  • To sum up, breeding fee increases/decreases with the demand on the breeding.

# Male Genome Price

The male genome price is determined by the sellers on the market.