# Daily Missions

# How to Race in a Daily Mission?

  1. Head to the menu.

  2. Choose tab.

  3. Find a mission to race from the board.

  4. Click the button.

  5. Select a Snail to race.

# Daily Mission Rules

Property Value
Participants 10
Entry Fee 0
Reward Pool Dynamic
Availability Every N Hour
Distance Treasury Run
  • Each race has 10 spots available.
  • The Daily Mission races do not require an entry fee.
  • The prize pools are dynamic with respect to the rewards emission.
  • Once the spots are filled, a starting time will be assigned for the race.
  • All Snails will win SLIME tokens with respect to their ranking at the end of the race.
  • Each Snail can race on a Daily Mission every N hours. N is dynamic with respect to rewards emission.
  • Daily Missions have only one distance (Treasury Run).
  • In each seasons, snails will gain/lose ELO on their first 5 Daily Missions to determine their Rank. After that daily missions will not affect elo.
  • Daily missions are submitted to chain when the last athlete joins the race with completing the transaction. This way number of transactions per race is reduced from 10 to 1. To incentivize this, last athlete will be rewarded with bonus XP.
Emission Start Day Reward Per Race Race Per Day Interval
11/May/2022 60 SLIME 4 6 Hours
18/May/2022 60 SLIME 6 4 Hours

Above table shows emission changes based on dates. Emission schedules can change depending on the conditions to match the rewards emission targets.

# Rewards

Daily Missions offer a reward pool that is equal to a fixed amount of SLIME tokens. It is distributed with respect to below table.

Result Reward Ratio
Winner 25%
Runner-up 20%
3rd 15%
4th 10%
5th 5%
6th 5%
7th 5%
8th 5%
9th 5%
10th 5%

# Can I Join the Same Mission With More Than One Snail?

No. If you enter a mission with one of your Snails, you will not be able to participate in the same mission with another Snail.

# Will I Be Able to Control My Snail?

No, you won't be able to control your Snail. It will race based on its traits. Genes, class, generation and adaptations of your Snail affect its speed. Your Snails performance will change based on trail distances and trail conditions. You will have to experiment with your Snail to find the perfect trails and optimize your results.

# Against whom do I compete in Daily Missions?

Daily missions have a unique distance called Treasury Run which is not available on Competitive Races. Thus, a snail can race against any other snail on daily missions.