# Activity Board

Users will be able to see important changes of the guild and proposal outcomes on the board.

# Activities

Important guild events will be shown under the Activity section. Some examples of the activities:

  • Proposal creation
  • Governance model change
  • Guild name change
  • Guild description change
  • Guild flag change
  • Member joined the guild
  • Member kicked out from the guild
  • Member promoted
  • Member demoted
  • Member left the guild
  • Proposal accepted/ rejected
  • Research building purchased
  • Research building upgrades

# Proposals

  • If the governance model of a guild is different than Dictatorship, the following activities will be voted on first before it is executed:
    • Change guild name
    • Change guild flag
    • Change guild description
    • Change guild governance model
    • Accept guild application
    • Kick player
    • Promote player
    • Demote player
    • Disband guild
    • Research
  • A proposal for the changes will appear on the top part of the activity board.
  • Proposals will have a 24 hour deadline. If no votes are casted until the deadline, the proposal will be rejected.
  • Relative majority is needed for a vote to pass otherwise it will be rejected.
  • Vote count of a member will depend on the governance model. You can check out more details on the vote powers under governance model

  • When a proposal is concluded, it will be announced on the activity board.
  • Players cannot change their vote once the vote is submitted.