# Roster

A guild's roster plays a crucial role for guilds to be successful and get faster on tournament trails. Under the Roster section, guild members will be able to review who is in their guild and an overview of their contribution.

Every guild starts with a capacity of 5 member. Capacity can be increased with Fridge developments in the research center.

# Active members

A list of guild members will be available under roster section and every member will be able to see their basic information such as snail count and mined Tomato.

If you are a guild leader or an officer in the guild, you will be able to also see actions on top of the basic information. A member can be kicked/ promoted or demoted.

In the case of a dictatorship, actions will be executed immediately but otherwise actions will turn into a proposal which will be voted on by the guild members.

Kicking/Demoting the guild leader or promoting a officer is not possible. Only members can be promoted to become officers.

# Guild applications

Guild leader and officers can review upcoming guild applications. They can also jump into their profile page if they would like to get detailed information of the snail's owner. Requests will timeout if they stay more than X amount of days and the request will disappear from the application board. If the user who applied to the guild joins another guild, application will be no longer valid and disappear from the board.

After reviewing the application, guild leader and officers can confirm or decline the application. In the case of a dictatorship, the action will be applied directly and the Snail owner will join the guild. However, for the rest of the governance models confirmation will create a guild proposal for members to vote on. In this process, guild leader and officers will be filtering out the applications to prevent an unnecessary amount of proposals to be voted on by the members. The proposal has to pass for an applicant to join the guild.

Guilds will not be able to get applications if they reached their max capacity. Capacity can be increased via Fridge.