# Governance

Guild are managed according to their governance models. There are 4 different governance models.

# Modals

# Dictatorship

  • Each guild starts with a dictatorship model.
  • In this model, there are two ranks: Guild Leader and Members.
  • Guild leader is the true ruler and can act as they please.
  • All decisions are executed instanly without a governance proposal.
    • Thus if you are creating a new guild, make sure to set all the details before changing its governance model.
  • The guild leader can switch to another governance model.

The below three models have the following common properties:

  • There are three ranks: Guild Leader, Officers and Members.
  • All decisions require a governance proposal to be voted on. Based on the result of the proposal required action triggers.
  • Anyone can start a governance proposal.

# Snailocracy

  • A member has a vote weight of 1.

# Proof of Snail(PoS)

  • A member has a vote weight equal to the amount of snails they have.

# Proof of Boost(PoB)

  • A member has a vote weight equal to total the amount of slime boost their snails' have.
    • Snails with 1.0 slime boost are not counted for this calculation. It should be boosted at least once.

# Proposals

  • The ollowing actions can be proposal topics:
    • Change guild name
    • Change guild flag
    • Change guild description
    • Change guild governance model
    • Accept guild application
    • Kick player
    • Promote player
    • Demote player
    • Disband guild
    • Research