# DNA Crossing

Each Snail's DNA is formed from its 4 unique traits.‌ This page explains how incubation works for each trait and provides some examples.

# Family Crossing

In the Incubator process, both parents randomly contribute 10 genes to the offspring's genetic sequence. Let's assume we have the following Parent 1 and Parent 2 Snails. Below is the genetic sequence of five possible offspring out of the 1000s possible ones that this couple can produce. This couple might have a child from any family. Their genetic sequence allows it.

🏡 Family

# Class Crossing

The following table describes how the offspring's class will be determined.

As shown, mating with a Genesis class might generate better offspring for all of the other classes.

🌈 Class

# Generation

The generation algorithm is provided on the "Traits" page. Below are a few examples of possible results of different Snail couples.

🔢 Generation

# Adaptation

Adaptations will be assigned randomly. Each Snail starts with 1 random adaptation.

🌡️ Adaptation