# Incubator

# Gender

Snails are hermaphrodites and they can use their reproduction systems however they like. In Snail Trail;

  • Each Snail is born without a default gender.
  • Players can assign a gender to their Snails or change the gender of their Snails.
  • Once a gender is registered, it cannot be changed for 30 days.

# Incubation

On the page, a player can either;

  • Provide both a male and a female Snail from their inventory
  • Or provide a female Snail and buy a genome of another male from the gene market to start breeding.

Owners can breed with their Snails once a month. In each breed period:

  • A male can donate a genome once. Donated genome can be sold three times on the Gene Market.
    • After the genome donation, there will be a 30-day cooldown period before the next one starts.
  • A female can lay eggs once.
    • The eggs hatch instantly, no waiting period.
    • 99.9% of the time only one Snail hatches from an egg, but with a 0.1% chance, there might be twins.
    • After fertilization, there will be a 30-day cooldown period before the next breed can start.

# Simulation

Once two Snails are in place, players can use the Simulate button to see the probability of possibile offspring.

# How Long Does a Newborn Have to Wait for Incubation?

A newborn cannot reproduce until its 30th day on Earth.

# Does an Evolved Snail Have to Wait for Incubation?

If the Snail did not use its breeding right for the current cycle, then it can breed in the current cycle.

# Is There a Breeding Count Limitation for Snails?

There is not a breeding count limitation for snails except for Purity 20 snails. While everything about these snails absolute pure, they have only one imperfection; they can have at most one children.