# Tournaments

New racing type will be added where Snail owners will be required to be part of a guild to attend.

  • Only guilds can attend tournaments.
  • Tournaments are completed in 4 weeks.
  • Each week will have unique Conditions and Distances. Each week will require different set of adaptations.
  • Each week consists of 5 different races where each race will be run by a specific family type.
    • For example, on Day 1 only Garden snails, on Day 2 only Helix snails will race and so on.
  • On each week guilds must select different snails to compete.
  • Every race will start at the same time on different days.
    • First two days of each week will be used as a preparation period where guilds decide on which snails that they want to send for tournaments.
    • Other 5 days will be the race days.
  • The top 10 guilds on the leaderboard will receive Lettuce proportionally to their placement as a reward. Lettuce is a resource that is needed for upgrading some of the research buildings that have individual advantages.
    • Guilds need to participate at least half of the races to become eligible for rewards.
  • After a tournament there will 1 week of idle time before the next tournament.

# Team

  • Guild leader and officers will be able to select the snails that they want to send to tournaments.
    • They will be able to choose from the snails in the guild including the snails from the members as well. During the process and the race, snails will not be locked.
  • If a snail is not selected for a race day, guild will not be able to attend that day's races.
  • Team selection must be complete first 2 days of each week.
  • A selected snail will be removed from the team, if;
    • Snail is burned.
    • Snail is transfered to someone else who is not member of the guild.
    • Snail is sent to sink.
  • Once a snail's race is scheduled it cannot be removed from the team via above events.

# Speed

Speed in traditional racing is calculated based on various racing traits, coefficients and randomness.

  • In tournaments, the average speed calculation will mostly stay same as usual. However;
    • Adaptations and distance preferences will affect average speed more than usual daily/competitive races.
  • Speed calculations on traditional races will be unaffected.
  • On top of the average speed of the snails, guilds will be able to drastically improve their snail's speed with Drinks. Guilds will require Tomato to upgrade Drinks which can be collected via Sink.

# Leaderboard

  • Each guild will receive points from a race day with respect to their finishing timer for that day.
  • Top 3 guilds will receive more points, and rest of the guilds will receive points in a decreasing fashion.
  • If more guilds are participating to a race day, more points will be distributed.
  • If a guild does not select a snail for a race day, that guild will not receieve any points for that race day.
  • At the end of 20 race days, sum of the points that are collected through 20 race days will determine the final leaderboard.

# Rewards

  • Every participating guild will receive at least 1 Lettuce.
  • Each guild will receive different amount of Lettuces with respect to their final position on the Leaderboard.
  • Winning guild will also receive Monthly Bonus Reward.
  • Rewards will be distributed once the last day for the tournament ends (not the last race).

# Monthly Bonus Reward

  • At the end of every month, the guild with the most points will receive a reward.
  • Reward will be sent to the leader of the guild. The leader can decide on the distribution of the reward to the members.
  • Reward is currently set to the equivalent of 1000$.
  • For the moment, this reward is planned for the first 12 tournaments.