# Tournaments

New racing type will be added where Snail owners will be required to be part of a guild to attend.

  • Only guilds can attend tournaments.
  • Tournaments are completed in 4 weeks. Each week consists of 5 different races where each race will be run by a specific family type. For example, on Mondays only Atlantis, on Tuesdays only Agate will race.
  • Guild leader and officers will select the proper snails that they want to send to tournaments. They will be able to choose from the snails in the guild including the snails from the members as well. During the process and the race, snails will not be locked.
  • On each week guilds must select different snails to compete.
  • Every race will start at the same time on different days.
    • Schedule will be: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday at 6:00 pm UTC. The other days will be used as a preparation period where guilds decide on which snails that they want to send for tournaments.
  • Every guild that attends to the tournaments will receive Lettuce proportionally to their placement as a reward. Lettuce is a resource that is needed for upgrading some of the research buildings that have individual advantages.

# Racing Speed

Speed in traditional racing is calculated based on various racing traits, coefficients and randomness. In tournaments, the average speed calculation will stay same as usual. Speed calculations on traditional races will be unaffected.

On top of the average speed of the snails, guilds will be able to drastically improve their snail's speed with Drinks. Guilds will require Tomato to upgrade Drinks which can be collected via Sink

# Monthly Reward

  • At the end of every month, the guild with the most points will receive a reward.
  • Reward will be sent to the leader of the guild. The leader can decide on the distribution of the reward to the members.
  • Reward is currently set to the equivalent of 1000$.