# Sink

Guild members can turn into their snails into workers which they can dig down into the sink to gather Tomato residue. Tomato is the most crucial resource for research upgrades.

  • Snails occupied as workers will not be able to race, sold or transferred during their long shift until they transformed back by their owners.
  • Guild members can stake or un-stake any number of snails they own in anytime.
  • Gathered Tomato residues has to be collected by the owner of the snails for sending them into the guild's treasury.
  • If the user leaves their guild without collecting the Tomato residues, Tomatos will be lost. However, snails gain proficiency on mining Tomato residues as long as their work is not interrupted.
  • More workers you have in darkest pipes of the sink the more Tomato residues will be gathered.
  • Guılds can upgrade Sink with Tomato that gathered which help workers to equip better tools and navigate faster. This will help them to gather more resource.
  • Sink requires Tomato resource to be upgraded.

# Work Boost

  • Snails will mine Tomato residues faster proportionally the time they spent in sink. Proficiency will not be lost if the worker is un-staked, so snail will carry over their skills lifetime.
  • Each snail has a 1.00 Work Boost from birth. For every day spent at the deep darkness of the Sink will increase it by 0.01 permenantly.
    • Example: If a snail spends 200 days in the Sink, their Work Boost will be 3.00