# Microwave

Microwave in the Guild Research center generates Microwave scrolls periodically.

  • Every guild member will able to claim Microwave scroll in every N days.
  • A guild member has to claim their reward from the building.
  • There is no level cap.
  • Upgrades in this building will decrease the duration of the scroll creation, which means guild members will be able to claim their rewards in less days.
  • With every level generation, the duration decreases 2 days. Once the duration is down to 16 days, the next update will increase the rewarded Microwave Scroll count and turn the duration back to 30 days.
  • Microwave requires both Tomato and Lettuce resources to be upgraded.
# Where can I check how many days are left for the guild member to be able to claim the rewards from buildings?

Each building displays a timer that shows amount of time left for the next reward.

# What happens if a guild upgrades a building before previous reward timer finished?

The new level accounts the passed time and calculates remaining time accordingly. If you spent 4 days on previous level and next level's reward appears in every 28 days, then next claim will be 24 days later.

# Is timer guild wide?

Yes, the timer is guild wide and not personal.

# Does new members become eligible for the first reward immediately?

A guild member becomes eligible for a building reward if they spent the whole waiting period in that guild. This means if a player joins a guild in the middle of an epoch, they will not be able to claim that reward.