# Competitive

# How to Race in Competitive Races?

  1. Head to the menu.

  2. Choose the tab.

  3. Find a mission to race from the board.

  4. Click the button.

  5. Select a Snail to race.

# Competitive Race Rules

Property Value
Participants 5-10
Entry Fee [200-1000] Tokens
Prize Pool Flexible
Availability Anytime
Distances [10-42]
  • Each race has 10 spots available.
  • A four hour scheduling timer starts once a Competitive Race is attended by at least 5 participants.
  • Competitive Races start when either 10 spots fills up or scheduling timer ends.
  • Players pay an entry fee for races. The fee may vary.
  • For the prize pools, the total of the entry fees is multiplied by participant count(minus fee). The pool is dynamic depending on the entry fees.
  • The prize pool will be distributed among the top three players with respect to their ranking.
  • Snails will gain/lose more ELO on Competitive Races than on Daily Missions.

# Reward Distribution

Participant Count Winner Runner Up Third
5 2x 1.5x 1x
6 2.4x 1.8x 1.2x
7 2.8x 2.1x 1.4x
8 3.2x 2.4x 1.6x
9 3.6x 2.7x 1.8x
10 4x 3x 2x

# How Many Races Can a Snail Simultaneously Participate in?

There is no limit of the number of races that a Snail can race in at the same time.

# Which Currency Will Be Used for Entering Races?

In order to enter races that have fees, you will require SLIME in your wallet.

# Will I Be Able to Control My Snail?

No, you won't be able to control your Snail. It will race based on its traits. Genes, class, generation and adaptations of your Snail affect its speed. Your Snails performance will change based on trail distances and trail conditions. You will have to experiment with your Snail to find the perfect trails and optimize your results.

# Against whom do I compete in Competitive Races?

A snail can only compete in its own League against the snails that competes in the same League.