# Tracks

There are several available tracks to race. A track differs from others in the distance and conditions.

# Distance

In the real world, an average Snail moves at a 1m/h speed. Obviously, the Snail Trail Slider Committee would not accept such a low performance on races. In Snail Trail, there are 9 different trail distances. The trail distances are in meters.

10 12 15 18 21 24 27 36 42

  • Each Snail has two preferred trail distances. An owner should test a Snail on different trails to find its true potential.

# Conditions

Each track will have three conditions that can be countered with a Snail's adaptations.

  • Conditions are generated randomly for each race from each Adaptation category.

# Map Themes

There are six different location themes planned for the trails.

  • Garden
    • Good old garden! Are you ready, Garden Snails?!
  • Dirt
    • The ground is much better if it's a little bit moist!
  • Road
    • Rrrrring rrrrring, watch out for bikes!
  • Beach
    • You know what seawater's like, right? It... is... salty.
  • Glass
    • The easiest way to slide. Just slide away!
  • Space
    • Keep your eyes peeled! You might encounter snailiens out there.

# Location

Each race track will have an event location for players to differantiate them in the race board. This is purely cosmetic.