# Items

There are 7 items that can be collected from ashes.

Slime boost is used to boost a snail's slime boost value. A snail's slime boost is a coefficient that increases its rewards from daily mission races. Slime Boost multiplies the amount earned from daily missions. For example; if a snail wins 6 Slime from a daily mission with 1.0 Slime Boost value, it can win 60 Slimes with 10.0 Slime Boost value with same placement.

  • A snail is born with 1 slime boost.
  • A snail's slime boost can be at most 10.
  • Slime Boost item is a guaranteed drop from all of the ashes.

# Slime Boost Coefficient

  • Every ash contains a Slime Boost item.
  • Slime Boost Coefficient(SBC) of each Slime Boost item varies based on snails' traits.
  • A snail's Slime Boost Value(SBV) starts with 1.0 on birth.
\displaystyle SBC= \begin{cases} {SBV_{current} * 0.9},& \text{if (Class = Genesis) and (Purity = 11)} \\  SBV_{current} * [0.5-0.8],& \text{if SBV}_{current} \gt 1 \\ [0.5-0.8], & \text{if SBV}_{current} = 1  \end{cases}


  • All Genesis snails(with P11) drops a Slime Boost with 0.9 coefficient.
  • All other snails drop a Slime Boost with coefficient value of [0.5-0.8] multiplied by {SBV_{current}}.
  • Exact value of the coefficient(SBC: [0.5-0.8]) is calculated based on Snail's traits with respect to following formula;

\text{NAP:} Non-genesis Alive Population
PG_{T}: Population group count for trait
Order_{T}: Trait's population group order in NAP (descending order)

SBC = \text{Random}(0.50, 0.60) + {0.10}*{\dfrac{Order_{Purity}}{PG_{Purity}}} + {0.07}*{\dfrac{Order_{Family}}{PG_{Family}}} \\ + {0.02}*\dfrac{Order_{Class}}{PG_{Class}} + \begin{cases} {0.01},& {if Level} \ge 15 \\ {0},&{if Level} \lt 15 \end{cases}

  • To breakdown the formulas;
    • base part is set between 0.5 to 0.6 randomly with 0.01 intervals.
    • family part is calculated with dividing 0.07 to the population order of the family of snail in NAP.
      • For example; if there are 10 Atlantis, 20 Agate, 21 Milk, 22 Helix and 25 Gardens in NAP, then 0.07 is multiplied by 5/5, 4/5, 3/5, 2/5 and 1/5 respectively; contributing 0.07, 0.058, 0.042, 0.028, 0.014 to final result.
    • class part is calculated with divinding 0.02 to the population order of the class of snail in NAP.
    • purity part is calculated with divinding 0.1 to the population order of the purity of snail in NAP.
      • For example; if there is only 1 Purity 4 snail, that can bring more points from here than higher purities.
    • xp part is 0.01 if snail is above 14 level. If not is is 0.
SlimeBoost = base + family + class + purity + xp

# What will happen if a snail with Genesis Class and a purity that is different than 11 is microwaved?

In such case, slime boost coefficient receives full points (0.02) from class part of the equation.

# What will happen if two population group has the same population?

Lets see it in an example. Say, population distribution for families is 10, 20, 20, 22, 22. In such case respective order values will be 5, 4, 4, 3, 3. Thus points gained through family part will be 0.07, 0.058, 0.058, 0.042, 0.042 respectively.

There are 5 different type of genesis dust with respect to each snail family. Genesis dust has purity coefficients as well.
For example; a genesis agate snail with 11 purity drops;

  • Agate Genesis Dust (P11)

# Usage

There are two types of usage for Genesis Dusts.

# Cooking
  • A snail can be cooked with a genesis dust to upgrade its class to Genesis.
    • Snail's class must be non-genesis.
    • Snail's purity must be above 11.
# Mixing
  • A genesis dust can be mixed with another genesis dust of same family & purity.
    • Agate Genesis Dust (P11) + Agate Genesis Dust (P11) = Agate Genesis Dust (P12)
    • Mixing process is irreversable.

XP Boosts allows snails to gain double XP from any experience gaining event.

  • XP Boost lasts for 24 hours once applied to a snail.
  • A snail can use one boost at a time.

A snail's name can be changed with a scroll without paying any fees.

One of a snail's adaptations can be re-rolled into a random adaptation.

Breeding scroll decreases incubation fee to 0. However it does not have any affect on the male donor's fee.

Microwave scroll decreases microwave fee of a single snail to 0.